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My Favorite Work: Posing by Not Posing

Hard as it is to believe, portrait photography is considered to probably the hardest of the many specializations in the profession.  That moment of positioning a subject in front of that plastic fake background to sit on an uncomfortable chair and make a smile they would never use in any other setting is legionary and […]

The Staple of Business: Portrait Photography

Do you just snap pictures of friends without a thought to how it my turn out?  Portrait photography takes you a step up from people photography.  It gives you elements to notice such as the angle you take the photograph, the lighting you will use, and the expression of emotion on a persons face.  While […]

Video: Hand in Hand with Photography

Making videos or “videography” is a different animal from photography.  When you are trying to capture great pictures for a portrait or an event, you think in terms of still shots.  In your mind the objective is “what will make a great picture.” Video opens up whole scenes to be captured on film, for better […]

Camera Phone Photos will Not Affect Good Photographers

In any “photo op” moment any more, it is impossible to miss the invasion of the camera phone.  Where it used to be easy to tell when a camera was around and if people had them handy, now anyone with a phone could be a clandestine photographer.  Even at occasions that used to be ruled […]

Wildlife Photography, Catching The Animals By Surprise

Photography has been around for more than a century and our topics will never cease.  There is portrait, landscape, wedding, and wildlife photography just to name a few.  One of the most rewarding styles of photography centers on wildlife.  It may take you several hours before finding the perfect picture and capturing it, but the […]

Taking Stylish Wedding Pictures for Fun and Profit

Your wedding album will be one of the most precious memories of this big day that you will have.  But have you ever noticed how so many of those “professional” pictures are all the same from wedding album to wedding album?  In fact, one thing that jumps out about the wedding photographer is that for […]

How to Find “Masters” Who Will Guide You

Whether you are looking for the right path for your budding student photographer in your family or looking on how to jump-start your own photography career, the right school can make all the difference.  There is no question that photography is an outstanding career path with many different directions that someone skilled with a camera […]

Understanding and Correcting Lighting Issues

Photography requires a few skills to make your prints look professional.  One part of making a print professional is lighting.  Lighting in photography takes a little planning and understanding of a few techniques.  You best subject or object might not turn out that way if the proper light does not help to laminate the area. […]

Capturing the Basics

If you are a sports fan, you know what it means when a team goes into a “rebuilding year”.  It is just when the owners or coaches decide its time to train new members and correct bad habits in others.  And invariably, what team leadership says when they go into such a time is that […]

Photography Schools are a Valuable Investment

There are many places you can learn photography, but what is the right place for you?  Sure there are online schools and courses, but they won’t give you the hands on information you need.  You need other students and the teacher’s eye to become a better photographer.  The online classes do have their uses for […]

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